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(The demo is dressed up as a Coffee Shop)

WinWin – YOUR Loyalty Card App

Increase footfall, retain business, get one up on your competition and watch your profits increase.

WinWin is a Loyalty Card app like no other. Rather than holding “advertising” space on one app along with countless other businesses, with WinWin you get your own app.
You control the content, you can promote YOUR app without promoting other businesses too!

With paper Loyalty cards you are simply giving your product away, hoping that the customers will come back to you. In reality they are doing what comes natural and happily taking a freebie.
That’s a Win-Lose situation.

With WinWin the customers still get their Freebie, but using Notifications, you can Real-Time market your newest products to your existing customers. With messages being “pinged” out to every phone that has your app installed you could fill up an empty restaurant, salon or bar when you’re having a quiet day.

Get your existing customers to create NEW customers by sharing their Stamps and Freebies to Facebook. New customers without having to advertise. Win-Win!

All of the major brands are now running their own App Loyalty Card schemes – BECAUSE THEY WORK! However, the cost of designing and building the apps prevents smaller businesses from taking advantage of this superb way of generating sales.
Not any more. With WinWin, a nominal monthly subscription with no build costs means that you can now compete with the big firms.

We Make It Easier

The key to success is getting as many people as possible to install your app.
We help you out by providing you with fantastic Point Of Sale marketing material displaying QR Codes for the Apple Store and Google Play – DIRECT to your app!

  • Window Decal
  • Counter-Top Info-pad
  • Business Cards
  • Wall Poster
Notification Displayed

Real-Time Marketing

Using Notifications you can Real-Time market your newest products to your existing customers.

With messages being “pinged” out to every phone that has your app installed you could fill up an empty restaurant, salon, bar or your diary when you’re having a quiet day.

Many big names are switching from being paper-based to having Loyalty Card Apps for this very reason. Giving freebies away with no true benefit is Win-Lose.

With YOUR WinWin Loyalty Card App, you can compete with these companies and win back your customers, gaining new customers in the process!

Personalise Your App

With our comprehensive cloud-based admin panel, using your own logins you can control the content of your app, in real-time. As soon as you make the changes, every app will have the updated information.

So when you change your offers, your menu or services, or your prices, every installation of your app has the updated information too.

This gives you ultimate INSTANTANEOUS power over the content, rather than having to re-launch the app every time you make a change.

Download our demo app today to see for yourself.

Admin Panel

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We can help you win back business from local competitors, keep existing customers, fill empty diaries and increase your takings!

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 How It Works

See a demonstration showing how the app works physically and how it increases footfall, fills your bookings diary and creates new Loyal Customers
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What exactly can this app do for your business. Each point carefully considered and built into this revolutionary app
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