The Billion Client Customer Base You Need Direct Marketing Access

Mobile Apps

It’s not hard to understand the impact of the internet on the modern world; hand in hand with that goes the era of the mobile phone. Internet at your fingertips; no need for computers, laptops and waiting for allocated free time to use them. Now the access is so easy ‘everyone has gone mobile’, you can drop in and out of anything and everything, scrolling, searching and engaging with the rest of the ever-changing world.

A simple google search only shows the impact of the mobile phone era and brings up an insatiable array of blogs and articles, on platforms such as fatrabbitcreative which advocate that ‘this offers an irresistible opportunity to your business’; and they’re not wrong. (For information on Search Engine Optimisation, click here)

‘Mass hysteria known as mobile phones in the modern world has become indispensable.’

Where marketing is involved, your target audience becomes a filtered percentage of the population based solely on whether they use that service in the real world. For example, bus and train poster advertisements only target those using the service and that’s before you narrow down the target audience that will engage to read and either ignore them or convert into sales. Advertisements in shop windows only apply to those who walk past, instantly minimising your audience, the same can be said for location. For some businesses, location is key to their provided service and therefore this constraint in their marketing has a lower impact, however in that same scenario some people will travel for good products or services and there’s no definitive answer to how far that is.

So how do you avoid losing so many possible conversations, possible exposure, possible clients?

Choose a smart marketing position.

Mobile Phone App

A steady 67% of the population worldwide are estimated to already own a mobile phone, estimated to pass the five billion thresholds during 2019. In forecasts collected by ‘The Statistics Portal’ they’ve identified that ‘most of the mobile market growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of smartphones.’ Smartphone users worldwide are expected to grow so rapidly that by 2019 over 2.7 billion people are expected to be accessing the benefits smartphones have to offer.

2.7 billion people 

2.7 billion customers

Mobile Phone User Statics

Smartphone User Stats – The Statistics Portal

So why wouldn’t you?
For most businesses; its how do you?

All within reach, for you to advertise your business.

Even just a fraction of that client base is how even the craziest world-wide trends have been able to take hold; fidget spinners, JoJo bows and hinching to name a few. No industry is precedent, no consumer market is preferential; it’s the beauty of a smartphone and online marketing; its accessible to almost everyone.

Websites serve a purpose, but that purpose too has its limits. Social media offers a platform of advertising that most smartphone users are likely to be engaged with anyway. This offers ways to then sharpen advertising towards those who are likely to be interested in what your brand has to offer. It also bypasses a whole conundrum of GDPR constraints, which have come more into play since new regulations have been enforced. Emails, phone numbers, personal data, its all going to need managing, and with a potential of 2.7 billion, where would you even start?

So, what options offer you to access a customer directly rather than the indirect methods of social media?
One avenue is the new and still evolving world of smartphone App’s.

Direct links, direct downloads, direct notifications.

There are various ways to do this, one avenue is joining community App’s. This allows marketing and advertising on a group scale, direct to people within the area and who are interested in finding local businesses. Bespoke App’s, offer one of the best marketing opportunities, not only allowing a business-consumer relationship to grow but concentrating on the specifics that make your business desirable against your competitors. Consumers now expect to be able to use App’s as an accessible way to connect with businesses and that alone allows you to out rank much of your competition.

Direct Access Marketing.

If they can’t miss it, why would you?

Now, before you run off creating any old App, the important thing to remember is while they offer valuable marketing opportunities, they must be able to engage and communicate clearly what your brand has to offer and how it benefits the consumer. This means it is vital to ensure the App you design offers the most effective solution to the consumer.

You don’t need to be a coding wizard, specialist companies such as The App Shed develop and design these bespoke marketing materials to encompass your consumer needs so you can focus on providing to those extra customers that you’ll now be able to generate! (Click here to find out about developing bespoke Apps.)