Easter – Software or Chocolate?

In 1979, the classic Easter Egg was re purposed into computer software to create a hidden message that consumers can hunt for, much like the traditional game. Gone are the days of chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies, this bespoke technology hunt is often for extra credit within games, revealed secrets, codes, names and various other surprises. The craze became so compelling that a movie was made based on the worldwide phenomenon Ready Play One, where a virtual reality universe grips the entire world by hiding an Easter egg which will release a fortune.

It’s a clever marketing tool, one we’ve seen explored in many aspects;

Cadbury’s 2019 Easter Egg hunt involves capitalising a trial in 2018 where white crème eggs were released.

“Cadbury’s 2019 “Hunt the White Creme Egg” integrated campaign will involve the brand hacking other companies’ social media feeds, billboards, websites and live experiences by hiding a White Creme Egg in their advertising.”

Despite their hunt being physical, much like a Willy Wonka golden ticket; they intend to use media and technology to heighten the craze. Named as “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” at the 2018 Campaign Event Awards, this year sees the idea transformed by submitting white creme eggs into other brands advertisements. This alone shows a strength in partnerships between brands, as both will benefit from the exposure of the campaign.

The worldwide excitement of Pokémon Go just show how targeting an audience through their smartphone is a smart marketing move. When the big brands are doing it, you know it’s got something; below is our favourite three examples of App Marketing;

Snapchat Easter Egg;

A classic themed virtual Easter egg hunt!
Taking inspiration from Pokemon Go, users of the Snapchat app could find hidden Easter eggs in their local neighbourhoods! In the US and Canada even coffee shops and parks got in on the act. Tap the location of a pesky egg allows a 3D World Lens directed from your rear camera to capture the points and compete on a world leader board!

Facebook Messenger Surprise;

Hidden amist Facebook messenger is a secret game, only activated by sending the basketball emoji in a chat, tap the icon to start the game. So simple and yet so well disguised in all the icons available on messenger! Only a true explorer would stumble upon this one…

Chrome Browser;

Open Chrome offline and you might be surprised to see a T-rex. Its not coincidental, pressing the space bar will start the game. The aim; do this to make T-rex jump over cacti in this infinite running game. Infinite boredom cure, old school.