Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you’ll quite probably have a few things you want clarifying before you go ahead with getting your own WinWin Loyalty Card App. That’s why we’ve tried to cover as many question as we can below.
Of course, there may be something we’ve missed, so please pick up the phone and ask us on 01325 978488

It’s all about success

This is a “numbers game”. The more people you have with your app on their phone, then the more you are able to promote your services and products, and the more Facebook sharing you will have, which in turn will increase the number of people installing your app.

When we launch your app we send you a full marketing pack to help you to increase the number of customers adding your app to their mobile device – as quickly as possible immediately after launch.

As you can see, growth of users takes a little bit of time, and the success of your Loyalty Card App will grow over the first few months. A 12 month timeframe will give your app more than sufficient time to be generating fantastic results, and a measurable, noticeable Return On Investment.

Native Apps

These aren’t produced as quick and easy web-hybrid apps. When an app is “in-effect” a website parcelled inside a window-frame inside the app, you run the risk that if anything at your website end has a hiccup, your app would be non-functional.

We’re not adding you to a single app with everybody (including your competition) on there. See Your WinWin App

We ARE creating a stand-alone App in YOUR name. This means we submit each app individually to the Apple Store and to Google Play.

Typically Google Play will have your app live within a couple of days. Apple Store however take time to check that the code is perfect before they accept it onto their platform.
Since we have already checked the code at our end we don’t expect any issues from Apple.
Your app is typically accepted by Apple within 7-10 working days.

This timeframe is, of course, dependent upon you supplying all information to us that we need to submit the App, such as your Logo (for the App icon)

This is Perfect as it gives you ample time to add all of your information into the Admin Panel, add all images and logos, etc so that once Apple and Google accept your app, it is ready to put in front of your customers.

Automated Marketing

The issue with paper-based Loyalty Cards is that you are simply giving products and services away without getting any true benefit from it. You simply hope that the customer stays loyal to your business.

With your WinWin app, the customer can post every Stamp or Redeemed Card to Facebook. This in turn will let all of their Facebook Friends see that they’re getting a freebie. This positively evolves the number of users of the app, and increases the footfall to your business.

Helping you to increase footfall and enquiries is the main purpose of this app – giving you a fantastic Return On Investment. Without using Facebook as the Login mechanism, then you would not receive benefit from your promotions.

The Quick Switch

We do everything we can to prevent this from being an easy thing to do. Each QR code is password protected at the server end, and is also unique to your business.

If you suspect that somebody is adding their own Stamps, then firstly you should let us know. We will change the security password and re-issue you with QR codes for your offers, by email within 1 hour of being notified.

At the retail end, you should ensure that when customers are scanning in the QR codes, that this is only completed within the app itself, and that the QR codes aren’t in general public view.


You can currently change the Logo, Gallery Images, outbound Social Media links, Information, Menu/Services Images and Text, and almost everything else.

Our next update will include changing the colour scheme, and future updates will include a choice of layouts.

What you won’t be able to change via the Admin panel is the App Icon which is the “Button” on the mobile phone itself. At launch we also set in stone the Homepage menu Icons (though the choice on these will be in a future release).
However, if you DO wish to change the icon, we can integrate this into a future release of the app when we add new features.