The Loyalty Card

See how the Loyalty Card itself works.
You choose the reward descriptions and how many stamps are needed before the card can be redeemed for a Freebie.
Reward and business specific QR Codes scan in to add Stamps (wrong QR codes won’t work!)

Get your existing customers to Post their stamps and redeems to Facebook to spread the word (Automated Social Media marketing)q

Facebook Login

Your customers Login using their Facebook profiles. This means that if they upgrade their phone the stamps follow them to the new phone immediately.
We only use Facebook login since you want to leverage the power of Social Media marketing in return for the Freebies you are giving out.

Facebook is only asking for permission to gather the email address (this is so that we can keep the tally of Stamps for that specific customer), and it asks for permission to Post content. The only content being posted is the Addition and Redemption of Stamps.

About Us, Menu & Offers

Let your customers know all about your products and services.
At your request, we can set your Offers screen to show Events instead. That way, depending on your business model you can promote exactly what will increase the right kind of Footfall you need.

“Menu” can be set to “Services”, “Portfolio”, “Treatments” or whatever suits your business best.
Showcase your products and services to new and existing customers.

Find Us & Social Media Access

Use this screen to direct new and existing customers to your outlet.
Make sure your opening hours are up to date too!

The Social Icons let your customers find your Social Media pages quickly and easily. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your Website.

A handy “Click-to-Call” button lets them ring you to book in when you send everyone a Notification from the Admin Panel!

Extras in Side-Menu

The Side-Menu lets users of the App find out how to use it, along with the App’s Terms & Conditions.
These can be amended in your Admin Panel to cater for wording on each Loyalty Card Reward you have up and running.