ECO-FRIENDLY – Why mobiles are the new paper

No pen?
No problem, write it in your smartphone notes.

No money?
No problem, use Apple-Pay.

No watch?
No problem, the time is right there too.

It’s time to catch up.
No problem, Tinx is ready to transform your marketing.


Just why should you be using a Loyalty Card App?

Retain customers who like using your product and service, create offers tailored for them that only loyal customers can see and take advantage of.

No matter your business, branding or style, you can integrate everything that personalises your company with TINX to make it look like a bespoke build.

We’ve listed some of our favourite reasons for using our Loyalty Card App below, though the benefits are too numerous to list here…

Digital has become Necessity

Why mobiles are the new paper.

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The POWER to compete

Tinx has been developed to allow businesses the opportunity to have a self-branded personalised App within the big-ticket price of a bespoke build.

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App sharing isn’t caring

My Own App? Discover how Tinx can create your own Branded App.

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Cancellation Consequences

Sending out one Notification can fill cancelled appointments, get the phone ringing

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Automated Facebook Marketing

Discover the power of Tinx ability to get your message in front of thousands more potential customers without lifting a finger

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Glass Half Full

No more thumb-twiddling!
Those afternoons with few bookings… you can turn them around and fill your books.

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COST, LOST, avoid spending your paper on paper.

You wouldn’t pay customers to take your products for free? So why are you.

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Digital has become Necessity

Loyalty cards have always been a great tool for any business, but lost paper is cost. Every lost card, every customer emptying their crammed wallet, every competitor being one stamp ahead. It’s frustrating to feel you’re wasting money on marketing; any business owner knows marketing costs are beneficial for increasing sales but it’s frustrating knowing customers loyalties only lie as far as the next freebie from you or a competing establishment.

The scary truth is that as smartphone users we look at our phones approximately 1300 times a week. That’s the same as every five minutes during a 16-hour day.

Any of those five minutes could be used to jog their memory of that beautiful coffee they tasted last week, that beauty procedure they really wanted but put off, or that exceptional glass of gin after work.

Your brand, in their peripheral vision, in your control.

The POWER to compete

Any small or medium business owner knows, you can only brand and market your company within your profit’s limitations. The digital era is levelling the playing field. Your social media can look just as expensive as a big brand at no extra cost and so can your app.

Taking a walk down the high-street and you’ll see many of the bigger names adopting Loyalty Card Apps to replace their paper-based schemes. Why are they doing this? It’s because they recognise the power in having an extra layer of communication with their customers.

The problem with having a personalised App developed is that it can cost a huge amount of money; tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds. Tinx has been developed to allow businesses the opportunity to have a self-branded personalised App within the big-ticket price of a bespoke build.

The loyalty is their perk, the ability to send notifications to clientele immediately is your perk. Increase footfall, increase sales, increase loyalty.

App sharing isn’t caring

We’ve all downloaded that one application, joined that fatal group chat or felt our blood boiling as messages from that one annoying friend constantly ping alerts onto your screen while at your desk, with friends, family or during social occasions.

Imagine sharing a group loyalty App, fighting to be seen among other posts, other offers, maybe even slight competitors; never mind that awful moment where another business think copying your offer or idea is remotely acceptable.

Worst still, that annoying company sending too many notifications out to the point where your customers switch them off for the entire app. Forget enhancing your marketing, your offers are now lost in the ether along with the other forgotten apps pushed aside from the home screen. #goodbyemoney

Cancellations Consequences

A full diary, turning customers away, working late nights to fit in extra clients; it’s still inevitable you’ll get cancellations. Some days even the most sought-after service providers have days that weren’t worth getting out of bed for.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all great ways to upload cancellation appointments and try to find a willing customer to fill the space, but 9 times out of 10, they won’t see it in time. They can’t log into socials until lunchtime or after work, by which point they’ve missed your empty slot for that pre-date hairdo. It’s you that’s missed out more, you’ve missed out on your earnings and time.

Notify them in an instant with your cancelled bookings, without them even unlocking their smartphone you can make an unhappy customer your best friend; and perks certainly buy loyalty.

Automated Facebook Marketing

Every time your customers receive a new stamp or redeem their full Loyalty Card they are given the opportunity to share their freebie on Facebook. Your business will be immediately displayed on their news feed for their friends to see.
Now imagine you had just 50 customers who shared their stamp across 200 friends. You now have up to 1000 people seeing that you have a Loyalty Card Scheme running. You could gain a swathe of new customers spending money, installing your branded app and then sharing their stamps!
A month later, say you doubled the number of App installs to 100. Each of these sharing their stamps and redeems gets your message in front of 2000 people… meaning more installs, more customers and an ever-growing army of clientele sharing YOUR business for you across Social Media.
And its all controlled by you. No one dictating adds, no restriction on when or how just customer connection at the press of a button.

Fill Empty Seats

It can be heart-breaking having an empty of half-empty bookings sheet, restaurant, salon or diary.
Without any form of direct communication to your catchment area you have very little way of filling up the spaces – aside from standing in the street and directing the traffic to your door.
Stand inside and direct your online community instead, using your branded Tinx App, you can achieve bums on seats with a simple update, offer or nudge in the customers direction.

COST, LOST; avoid spending your paper on paper.

You wouldn’t pay customers to take your products for free? So why are you.
Paying for paper cards that will only get lost and only ever benefit free items for the customer in this situation, when and if they decide to bother using your company.

There are many ways in which an App is superior to its paper-based counterpart. It won’t get lost in handbags or wallets, you won’t run out behind the counter or have to remember to order another item. But by far the most important to you, should be the ability to pro-actively draw them into your business instead of them going elsewhere. You can notify new varieties of stock, money saving offers and advertise any aspect of your business at any time, you have the POWER.

Why waste money on loyalty cards when you can invest in unlimited access to not only every customer you’ve worked for but all their friends too